Suprematism, Constructivism and the propaganda design for the mass audience were my mandatory inspiration by growing up in the Eastern Bloc along with a prevalent lack of transparency. In 2012, when I first visited the Hatch House, a small Bauhaus style cottage built on an expanse of land in Cape Cod, I was inspired by the style of the house, the openness of the design and the stories, which surrounded the times of the Bauhaus summers on the Cape.
My body of work ‘TRANSPARENCIES AND INSIDES’ originates both from these "-isms" and philosophies, ingrained in me since childhood, and from the archival photographs of The Hatch House. The Bauhaus style today is often thought of as slick and sexy.  However, what inspired me in the Bauhaus was the desire to move away from materialism towards a marriage between crafts, machinery and mysticism.
This work to me is like the peeling of the onion, exploring the direction from the external to the internal. First I printed digital C-prints photographs of the house and then, by hand cutting and physical manipulation, I stripped away the physical architecture into abstract shapes and forms.  These hand cut photographs are collaged with theater gels and then lit to create transparencies and illuminations. The work is photographed further and collaged with previous prints of my own original woodcuts. The process of the physical manipulation of these images and the use of transparencies reflect the ideas of light, simplicity and a lightness of being.

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