Consuming Others_trailer_1

CONSUMING OTHERS is a documentary film essay about the human struggle between love and desire. Recorded over five years with lovers, husbands, wives, mistresses, and participants in non-traditional, polyamorous relationships, Consuming Others explores our hunger to find fulfillment through acts of committing to—and straying from—our partners.

The Hatch House (trailer)

The Hatch House is a short, stop motion and live-action documentary exploring an idiosyncratic, cube-like bauhaus cottage and its independent owner, Ruth Hatch. A 1950's sanctuary for artists and intellectuals like Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer, and László Moholy-Nagy, and the Boston Brahmins Jack Phillips, Jack Hall. The Hatch House explores a fragile, amateur structure living at the cultural crossroads between DIY "work of the brain" and the rising tide of American bourgeois, consumerist values.

Expanding The Frontiers Of Knowledge: Sweet Anguish

Short Documentary / Animation

TRT 05:00 min

Director / Producer


A short lyrical documentary film about sex, birth, and death. Though completely dependent on these experiences, too many are too often disconnected. SEX: the line where one begins and the other ends. The sex which creates havoc and unity, reproductive evolution.  BIRTH: the gift of joy, the pain of parting from one another, OR the gift of termination. In the future, this is the pornography of kindness.


Built On Narrown Land (trailer) 

Feature documentary film

TRT 64 min

Co-producer and editor


Built on Narrow Land is a film that looks at a moment in Cape Cod when the spirit of European modern architecture inspired a group of bohemian designers -- professionals and amateurs --to build houses that married principles of the Bauhaus to the centuries-old local architecture of seaside New England. But in 1959, with the establishment of the Cape Cod National Seashore the fate of these houses suddenly hung in the balance: houses built after 1959 became the property of the park on the death of their owners. Through the points of view of the characters, the film reveals the privilege of building on virgin landscape, the impact of eminent domain, its effect on people whose houses will have to be given to the federal government and, literally, given back to the land.               


Performance in Libyan Sahara Desert (1 min preview)

Collaboration with Dutch filmmaker Rob Schroder




Video Opera


TRT: 05min (excerpt)

Video Opera by John Holland in collaboration with a artist Bara Jichova.
Adapted from the 1916 silent film, TWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, based on Jules Verne’s classic novel of the same name.

Today's Special Is...

Short Documentary Film (2min preview)

TRT 11:24 min

Director / Producer


Documentation of a pig slaughter in a small town in the Czech Republic.


Dikke Dikke Olifant

Stop Motion Animation / Short

TRT 01:20 min

Director / Animator



Stop Motion Animation / Short

Animated CT scans of abdominal cancer.

TRT 01:23 min